Illinois Bicentennial: Presentation of all Lincoln Academy Laureates

Illinois Bicentennial: Presentation of all Lincoln Academy Laureates

The Lincoln Academy is proud Bicentennial Partner and during the state’s Bicentennial year we recognize our Laureates whose distinguished achievements and contributions have significantly shaped the social, cultural, business, political, economic, artistic, technological and scientific fabric of Illinois and beyond.

The Academy will promote brief biographical sketches appearing at the rate of several per week this year that will highlight each of our 337 Laureates from the past 54 years. The intent is to recognize Illinois’ Bicentennial and offer inspiration by their lives and reinforce Illinoisans’ sense of pride in our great state.

About The Lincoln Academy of Illinois

To honor great Illinoisans, by birth or residence, who have made it their life’s work to contribute to the betterment of humankind by their dedication to the principles of democracy and humanity as exemplified by President Abraham Lincoln.

To inspire the next generation of leaders to make a difference by recognizing graduating Illinois college students for their leadership and service in the spirit of Lincoln to pursue the betterment of humanity and for overall excellence in curricular and extracurricular work.

Established by the Governor in 1965 to honor outstanding Illinoisans, The Lincoln Academy of Illinois is a not-for-profit and nonpartisan organization.

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A statewide multimedia campaign will celebrate Illinois' influence on the world through music, sports, agriculture, literature, commerce, history, technology and innovation, transportation, and art and architecture.

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