Illinois Bicentennial and Beyond! The Illinois Legacy Collection

Illinois Bicentennial and Beyond! The Illinois Legacy Collection

Visitors to the ISM’s Bicentennial exhibition will learn about the 13.5 Million object Illinois Legacy Collection of the ISM that tells the story of Illinois in the areas of art, anthropology, archaeology, botany, fine and decorative art, geology, history, and zoology. The exhibition presents a wonderful opportunity for Illinoisans and visitors to learn more about how Illinois evolved. The exhibit is not limited to the existence of the State of Illinois, but encompasses the entire story of Illinois’ land, life, people and art. The Story of Illinois can’t be encompassed in 200 years. From the formation of the future boundaries of the state caused by glacial patterns and melting to the rich agricultural lands developed from the rich deposits from the era when Illinois was underwater; from the emergence of Native American nations to the period of first contact with Europeans, the exhibition will show how all of those things came together to create the State of Illinois as it exists today.

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A statewide multimedia campaign will celebrate Illinois' influence on the world through music, sports, agriculture, literature, commerce, history, technology and innovation, transportation, and art and architecture.

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